About Us

We are Curt & Kristin Sharp 

Curt: I grew up in Jenks, Oklahoma, in a Christian home. While I grew up with an understanding of the saving work of Jesus Christ, I didn’t know what it meant to follow Him until later in life. While studying education at Oklahoma State University, I was challenged to be a “world Christian” after taking a course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. In this course I was gripped by God’s redemptive global plan for humankind and knew I had to take part in it. The following summer I went on a short-term trip to Papua New Guinea and saw the great need for workers in remote locations like New Guinea. I also saw the many different people it takes working together to plant a New Testament church in a tribal setting. It was then that I knew God could use my training as a teacher to help expand the reach of the Gospel.

Kristin: I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a wonderful, Christian family. Being exposed to the story of God’s redemptive plan at a young age, brought me, with child-like faith, to trust in Jesus alone for the forgiveness of my sins. Since then, God has been at work in my heart and life to bring me to a greater understanding of what it means to trust and follow Him. Living and growing up in a Christian family and attending a Christian school, I grew up in somewhat of a “Christian bubble.” However, as I attended college and traveled, I was exposed to different religions, beliefs, and cultures. God used those experiences to bring me to search the Bible so I would critically think about my own faith and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. In addition, my own experiences of pain and joy have brought me to a deeper understanding of God’s character. Knowing that He is faithful, trustworthy, gracious and just brings me great peace in trusting Him with my life. Since His desire is to reach all the world to hear of His redemptive story, I desire to be a part of that, using the gifts and abilities He has given me.

Sadie Grace: I was born on March 17th, 2014 in Missouri. I love to smile and wave at people. My parents think I’m cute and are excited to teach me about God and His love and amazing grace.

Together: After meeting at church we were married in July of 2011. Being challenged with the work God was doing through New Tribes Mission, we chose to serve overseas with them. NTM exists to assist local churches in reaching unreached people groups all over the world. So after being married for just a month, we joined NTM’s missionary training program in August of 2011. We spent two years in Wisconsin at New Tribes Bible Institute and one year at NTM’s Missionary Training Center in Missouri. We completed this three-year training program in May of 2014 and then began raising support to serve in the Philippines. In 2015, we arrived in the Philippines and began language and culture study which will allow us to assist church planters by teaching and discipling their children.