the next year of our life


Celebrating our 3rd anniversary with another move!

“So what exactly are you guys doing?”

This is a question we often get asked. Since completing our training with New Tribes Mission (NTM) we have moved back to Tulsa and have started the next step to moving and serving in the Philippines. For the next year, we will be developing a team of ministry partners who will help us reach the unreached people of the Philippines. So what exactly does that look like? We will be meeting with individuals and churches to share about the work the Lord is doing in the Philippines. Through these relationships and partnerships, we desire to gain the physical and spiritual support needed to serve overseas. If you would like to hear more about our ministry, please contact us and we would love to get together.

Recently, Curt took a trip to Idaho to get some advanced security training. If you’ve watched the news recently it’s easy to see that the world is not getting any safer. With increased hostility towards Christians, missionaries must be wise in their actions overseas to maintain a profitable ministry. We are thankful Curt was able to get this training prior to our family leaving the United States.

Upcoming News:

In late September we will be taking a two-week trip to the Philippines. The purpose of this short-term trip is to:

  • Meet the field leadership and our future co-workers
  • See where we will be living and working on a daily basis
  • Visit tribal missionaries we will be serving
  • Help us better know and communicate the many different ways we will be serving in the Philippines
  • Help us better prepare for our long-term move next year

We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare to go on this trip. It will not be easy with Sadie who will be six-months, but we know it will be worth it. We will be sharing updates from this trip on this site, so stay tuned!

Our most recent prayer card:

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3 thoughts on “the next year of our life

  1. yay! so glad you guys are going as a family! i think it’s a great idea for you both to get an better idea of the ministry! we sure are looking forward to having you all! also, can you send us a hard copy of your prayer card picture…we are praying for you all!! our address is just the one in MO… 🙂

  2. You will love your visit to the Philippines. We enjoyed every minute we served there. I think it is a wonderful idea for you to see first hand where and who you will be serving. The Aviation team there were all students we had an opportunity to minister to while in McNeal, AZ. May God continue to bless and lead you. Paul and Ernie Willson

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